By signing below, I understand and agree to all of the following:

  • I am 18 years of age
  • I will return this animal to APA along with all veterinary records if you can’t keep this animal
  • I do not have rights to see or give animal away without express written consent and permission from APA
  • I am not acting as a broker for a testing company, fighting rings, class B dealer
  • This animal is being adopted as a companion and family member
  • This animal will spend majority of it’s time with the family in a household environment
  • It will not be kenneled, crated for more than a few hours per day or a reasonable time period
  • This animal will never be tethered in a yard, to a tree or anything
  • I will provide proper nutrition, clean water, exercise and grooming, love, medical care
  • I will provide yearly vaccine’s & rabies, monthly heartworm and flea/ticks preventives
  • If my animal is unaltered at the time of adoption, I will not breed it and will have it spayed or neutered within 45 days of adoption. Exception to this is if the animal is to young, the animal will be altered between 6-9 months of age
  • Proof of sterilization must be provided to APA
  • I agree that the animal will be microchipped if not done at the time of adoption, proof of the microchip will be provided to APA & APA will be the secondary contact on the microchip
  • I agree to allow APA to see said animal, if ever needed, to confirm that he or she is being well taken care of
  • I will update any change in contact information or address within 30 days of said change
  • APA has the right to repossess said animal if the terms of this contract are not met, or if the adopter has misrepresented themselves and/or the type of environment the animal will live in. The adopter will pay all legal fees if court action is needed to repossess said animal
    • I agree the adoption donation I made for said animal is nonrefundable
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