When APA was first coming together as a foster/adopt based rescue we ultimately set out with the mission of saving as many animals as possible. In Texas, along with having the highest euthanasia rates in the country, we also have the least amount of laws and regulations in regards to leash laws, spay/neuter requirements, and animal cruelty laws. Partnered with less state funding for animal control and care it creates a vicious cycle of overly populated high kill shelters and abandonment that we wanted to help break. By transporting our animals to States, mostly in the North East and Canada, that impose much stricter laws and regulations we are able to ensure that more animals get placed in well vetted homes, ultimately saving more lives in the process. While we do still do adoptions, we are able to maximize the total number of lives saved by transporting, therefore we focus heavier on the animal transporting side of the business. It keeps our original mission of saving as many animals as possible at the forefront of our business.

All of our Transport Vans are Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, outfitted with HVAC in the back portion of the vans to ensure animal comfort. APA has routine stops every 4-6 hours on transports to allow for bathroom breaks and walks. We currently transport to CT, MI, NJ, OH, and Canada.

Average pre-transport cost for a healthy animal
Average pre-transport cost for special needs (heartworm+, pregnant, wounded, emaciated etc)
% of Animals that APA takes in are heartworm+
Average cost per animal for transport
Average # of animals per transport for large breeds
Average # of animals per transport for smaller breeds
October 2020-December 2020 transported total
Year to Date 2021 transports
Total animals saved


Most of the requirements for each transport is the same, but some states may require additional care in addition to:

Rabies Vaccine, Distemper/Parvo Vaccine, Bordetella Vaccine, Flea & Tick monthly medication, Heartworm monthly medication, Worming, Spay/Neuter if old enough (6+ months). Puppies will also need fecal checks for worms & coccidia. Any heartworm+ animal will need treatment prior to transport.


As of right now there are transports scheduled for:

  • 9/17-9/18 to NJ & CT,
  • 9/24-9/25 to Canada
  • 10/1-10/2 to MI